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Friday, June 18, 2010

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Backyard Safari Outfitters makes essential field gear for kids who are intrepid explorers. If your kids like the outdoors, they will most likely enjoy these implements of play. It seems wrong to refer to them as toys since they facilitate interaction with the environment.

We received a Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope and Cargo Vest from Backyard Safari Outfitters and both kids fought over them. Luckily, they are very sturdy! The Bug Vacuum was put to use on ants, cereal and dog food. The Periscope is probably the coolest in my estimation, because it telescopes four feet and can also be used to view underwater. In Jasper's hands it is more of a sister-focused battering ram. Roo filled the vest pockets up with rocks and yard detritus. Perfect. Here's the Backyard Safari ninja modeling the Bug Vacuum:

The Backyard Safari Outfitters Blow Darts, Mega-Magnifier and 6X Magnifying Field Scope are on our wish list for future adventures.

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Disclosure: We received the Bug Vacuum, Mega View Periscope and Cargo Vest courtesy of Backyard Safari Outfitters and Team Mom.

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