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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Moon Dough Review

Roo and Jasper had been excited about Moon Dough because of the TV commercials. I have a serious aversion to buying toys that I know will be messy, even though the kids love them, so I was pleased when we received a Moon Dough barn playset to review. They were thrilled to give it a try.

The set features a plastic barn that houses a crankable mold that you can press Moon Dough into to form farmyard animals. The Moon Dough itself is a peculiar substance, sort of marshmallowy and crumbly. It has an odd smell that my husband said was very similar to the wood fiber used in epoxy resin casting. Roo and Jasper were enthusiastic about trying it out.

Moon Dough is very powdery unless compacted into a ball. It reminds me of fake snow. Unlike other modeling compounds, it will not dry out or stick in nooks and crannies. Roo and Jasper had fun with it but it was difficult for Jasper to pack the dough into the mold well enough to make the critters look good. He preferred to just mush it up. Roo could make the animals but lost interest once that was accomplished. Both kids said it was too messy. On the upside, the cleanup was a breeze with a handvac. I think this set would hold the interest of toddlers who like having parents play with them more than kids who prefer more independent activity.

Disclosure: We received the Moon Dough set pictured to facilitate this review. No compensation was provided and Team Mom asked for our honest opinions on the product.

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  1. We haven't tried it yet, but my kids are always asking for it.


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