superdumb supervillain: Sports Questions? Ask Mom-e-centric!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sports Questions? Ask Mom-e-centric!

I've never been a sporty girl. It's probably pretty obvious. Now that the kids are getting to school age, though, it's become clear that I will have to pay more attention to such things. Possibly even learn the rules of the games. Yikes! Where to start?

I like to ask my friend Jerri Ann of Mom~E~Centric. She knows a frightening amount about all sorts of organized sports, having been a college athlete, sports journalist and blogger, and of course amazing team mom. Her boys play baseball and to say she is a proud mama would be an understatement!

Jerri Ann is one of the most prolific bloggers I know and certainly one of the most helpful. She is always ready to share her thoughts on anything, from tech to trivia. I am proud to call her my friend.


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