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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Girls = Mommy Uniform

I've never been much of a fashion follower. I like fashion and all its trappings, sure, but I generally don't go in for trends. I certainly never thought I would fall prey to the mommy tracksuit uniform. And then I had kids. Now I realize that there are cool hoodies and yoga pants that don't look either too sexy or too schlumpy, but just right. Don't laugh. I still don't wear anything written across my butt, at least.

The Girls is a fitness wear line that understands the fine line between frumpy and forgivingly fashionable. They have engineered a special blu-tech power mesh fabric that uses stretchy nylon and spandex to shape and slim invisibly. No saggy, baggy leggings here! I received a pair of Faith's Foldover Yoga Pants to try. The fabric is midweight and very soft but the foldover panel offers great tummy control. I won't say that they make me look skinny, largely because I am not a skinny girl, but they do smooth my waistline and belly. The slight tightness reminds me to stand up straight and suck it in, too.

I am mildly embarrassed to say I have worn Faith's Foldover Yoga Pants almost every single day since I received them a month ago. They are seriously that comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Do you really want me to admit I'm wearing them with Uggs, too? Oh, the shame!

I may have to invest in a pair of the Denim Tummy Control Bootcut Pants, which offer the same styling but in denim. Yes, I think I might need jeggings. Who knew?

Disclosure: I received a pair of Faith's Foldover Yoga Pants in order to review them. The opinions are my own, as usual.

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