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Monday, May 09, 2011

Samsung SH100 Coast to Coast Photo Post

When Bob and I were first dating, we decided it would be fun to drive to one of his art openings. We lived in Memphis at the time, and the opening was in San Diego. It was a loooong drive but it was also a lot of fun. Sadly, we don't have much evidence of the awesomeness of a trip that included Albuquerque flea markets, Hoover Dam, the nasty old part of Las Vegas, and the overwhelming crush of people in tights that is Comic Con, because we didn't have a digital camera back then. Or social media to broadcast our adventures to the world. Hmm, maybe that's a good thing for some segments of the road trip…

Meet the Samsung SH100, a new compact WiFi-enabled point and shoot camera that lets you share high quality photos with your friends and families easily and instantly, via your favorite social networks. It gets around, just like you!

Samsung is taking the SH100 on a month-long road trip across the US, from LA to NYC, during the month of May to show what a great camera this is for movers and shakers, homebodies and travelers alike. The Coast to Coast Photo Post team is recording all the places they go and people they meet along the way with the SH100, and the best photos and videos will be shared on the Samsung USA Facebook page. Follow Samsung on Twitter to find out when they'll be rolling through your town… if you take the best photo on their road trip, you could win a trip to NYC!

The Samsung SH100 would make a great gift for dads and grads, or anyone planning a trip this summer. You can always un-tag…

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  1. Great idea and it looks fun!

  2. what great fun it would be to join you in this adventure!! i look forward to your photos...thanks for visiting my blog!!!


  3. wifi enabled? how cool is that! is it also waterproof? i'd like one with a waterproof feature!


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