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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Minute Father's Day

Breaking News: Father's Day is tomorrow.

If you haven't planned ahead, you can always take a walk down the hardware aisle and come up with something useful and giftworthy. 3M Fuel X2P Safety Eyewear & 3M Forceflex Safety Eyewear are easier on the eyes than traditional safety goggles– remember how cool everyone looked in science lab? Not. They look like cool guy sunglasses but protect your paternal loved one's eyes from projectiles while he's doing yard work or making pretty things for you in his workshop.

They come with a snazzy little pouch and a cord to keep them tethered, in case your guy is a wee bit forgetful. I think the Fuel are slightly heavier duty and more innocuous looking but the Forceflex have kind of a Terminator vibe. Either way, they're not gigantic or made of clear nubbly plastic that makes you sweat.

In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received a the safety glasses shown to facilitate this review. As usual, though, all thoughts are my own.

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  1. You two look hawt together :)
    And your new site design looks pretty damn good too! can't wait to see you soon.


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