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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I He♥rt Jonathan Toubin

A million, trillion years ago, way back when I was in college, my roommate Jennifer and I did ridiculous things like bake ugly cakes for a Donny Osmond birthday celebration. Here's a fine example:

One of our friends and fellow DJs at the student radio station was a guy named Jonathan Toubin. Eccentric and loveable, he was a constant presence in the Austin music scene, both as a fan and player. I think this photo was taken when we were still underage, prior to him growing the biggest, fuzziest mutton chops I had ever seen…

Jonathan still DJs rock and roll dance parties, in his home base of Brooklyn and beyond, under the name New York Night Train.  A few weeks back he was in Portland for a show when he fell victim to a truly horrific accident. He never did anything that wasn't opulent but this was a shocker. He has had several operations and is still in the hospital.

Friends from all over have been organizing benefits to raise money for Jonathan's recovery. The website I Heart Jonathan Toubin has a list of these events, check and see if there is one near you! You can also donate money via PayPal or buy a super-duper cool t-shirt (as seen on Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!) to help.

Jennifer and I have vowed that when Jonathan DJs his next show, we'll fly out to make it and shake a tailfeather or two…

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