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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

SuperMoms Web Series

I'm a bit perturbed I wasn't asked to be in this web series. No, not really, although I do have a sick desire to be animated in a unitard. (I have already been drawn by world famous cartoonists, just not in full, dynamic motion.) All kidding aside, ignore the fact that show is a thinly-veiled long-format Clorox ad and just enjoy it for what it is: the story of four moms who moonlight as superheroes united against their arch-enemy, Dr. Deconstructo. I hope he's a good supervillain…
The first episode of SuperMoms premieres January 17th on Facebook. And, yes, that is the girl from Chasing Amy.


  1. Thinly veiled being the key wording here, or perhaps in this case we could say thinly caped?

  2. All the same, I'll probably still tune in just to see. ;)


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