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Monday, April 09, 2012

Live a Little - Somebody to Love

I didn't grow up with pets or animals, in general, but I've come to think that they are an important part of life. My first kitty, Piewackett, was a stray I found in my parking garage in college. When she died last year, she left a huge hole in my heart, even though we still have four cats, a basset hound, two dwarf frogs and a turtle… each of them is a part of the family, in their own special way. I love watching Roo and Jasper with our pets, to see the individual relationships they have with each critter. All of the animals want to sleep in Jasper's bed, for example. It's kind of funny. Stella will probably become his sleeping buddy, once she outgrows her pesky chewing habit. We adopted her at the Kansas Humane Society and we'll probably get our next pet from there, as well, whenever that time comes. Roo's been begging for a hamster and Bob wants a goat, both of which I have seen up for adoption at KHS on occasion.

Purebred animals are pretty and all, but I think rescue pets know you saved them by bringing them into your family. Besides, there are way too many bad breeders and puppy/kitty mills out there. And so many unwanted pets. If you're thinking about welcoming a pet into your life, I'd definitely encourage you to check out your local animal shelter for a soulmate.

I've learned so much from all of the pets I've been lucky to share time with, however short. This week, I'd love to hear about how your pets enrich your life, past or present.

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  1. Piewackett - what an interesting name for a pet. Does it mean something in particular?

    We've always had cats and got most of them through the Humane Society or found them in our yard. They're so low maintenance and yet so loving. I can't imagine my life without a kitty in it.

  2. Wow, you have a great variety of pets. It's great you've adopted them. one of my kitties that died was a stray I rescued. Tanner is now a huge part of my life.


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