superdumb supervillain: Pioneer Woman in Wichita

Friday, April 13, 2012

Pioneer Woman in Wichita

The Pioneer Woman was in Wichita last night to promote her new cookbook. She was gracious and funny, as ever, even serenading a PowerPoint photo montage of her basset hound, Charlie. And then she hung around for several hours to sign books. Some JLW compatriots presented her with a copy of Pinches & Dashes. I made her look at pictures of my basset hound, Stella, and she was very nice about the whole thing. Even though the glare off my forehead probably blinded her.


  1. Well, I'm totally glad I wear my sunglasses at night and had them on before your post. Oh, the glare. ;) This must have been so much fun. I met Ree at BlogHer in 2010 and she was super nice and I've since been loving her new show. Don't have any of her books, though.

  2. I saw her on a talk show once and she seemed very nice and down to earth. I'm sure she loved seeing photos of Stella!

  3. ROFL! You are so funny! LOL! I'm sure it was cool getting to meet her. =)


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