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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ZeroWater Pitcher (Two Winners, Enter Now!)

Our water in Wichita is pretty icky compared to most other places I have lived. It's very hard and leaves a mineral scale on everything. Sometimes it even has a lovely poo smell due to algae bloom in the reservoir. Not so delicious. 

I jumped at the chance to review a new ZeroWater pitcher, much to my husband's bafflement. You see, we have a reverse osmosis system that makes our water safer to drink and much tastier. When we had it installed, we gave away our old water filter pitchers and thought we were done with them for good but I was intrigued by ZeroWater's built-in TDS meter, which measures the amount of total dissolved solids in your drinking water. I was curious to see how our water would rank, with and without the reverse osmosis filtration. Shockingly, our tap water measured 382 ppm– 500 is the EPA maximum!

I knew it would be high but that was more than I expected. Next, I measured a glass of water from the R/O tap:

79 is definitely much better than 382 but it still could be better. I decided to fill the ZeroWater pitcher with regular tap water to test how well it reduced the TDS levels. 

It did very well, getting it all the way down to 005ppm on the first pass.

Now I remember that my ancient water filtration pitchers recommended running water through the filter several times to remove any residual charcoal so that might account for the slightly elevated reading. ZeroWater is ready to go with one fill, though, making it awfully convenient for lazy folks like me. I also love the clever lid design that allows you to totally geek out and test your water at any time with the handy TDS meter:

I was a little surprised at the size of the ZeroWater filters and the weight of the pitcher, which is a bit heavy for kids to use in the traditional manner. Thankfully, the pour handle has a nifty integrated spigot:

My kids LOVE the spigot. They are constantly going to the fridge to get water now. I'm not even joking! We haven't bought juice boxes since getting the ZeroWater pitcher. It's increased the entire family's water consumption. And it tastes great, especially when we fill it from the R/O tap! I love having cold water at the ready, especially now that the weather is getting warmer.

Check your local TDS levels using the free TDS look-up on, then use code MC30 to get 30% off the 10-cup ZeroWater pitcher featured in this review! Learn more about ZeroWater on Facebook.

Two readers (US only, sorry international readers) will each win their own ZeroWater pitcher! Enter using the form below:

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In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are my own.


  1. 64 - not bad, right? Still, I'd love to win and find out for sure!

  2. 38! Pretty rare (good) score from what I understand! :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    supercoupongirl AT

  3. My reading is 234

  4. My reading is 231.

  5. My reading is 138.

    monster6236 at gmail dot com

  6. Our zip code said score unknown, but the other closest one to us is 72.

    Nice giveaway, thanks!

  7. Mine is 165 (north of Pittsburgh, PA)

  8. The site kept crashing on me. Love to win so I can find out an actual number.

  9. Ours is only 50, but still tastes nasty!

  10. Ours is 134.


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