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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chica: The Perfect Summer Tote by Cuddly Monkey

Summertime involves an awful lot of schlepping. From sleepovers to beach trips to picnics, it feels like I am always packing stuff up and moving it from place to place. Summer demands a very specific tote bag. One that can accommodate all the kids' stuff plus your necessities without making you feel like a pack mule. Big enough to haul all your junk but not so big that you look like Santa Claus, or a bank robber, when carrying it. Cute enough to keep you from feeling like a total bag lady. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have finally found the perfect tote. Introducing the Chica from Cuddly Monkey. I chose the red, even though it's available in black, too. It makes me happy!

See that zipper pocket on the outside? Perfect for anything you want to keep separated from the bulk of the gear you're hauling: your wallet, keys, phone, etc. And the graphic black and white print of what I like to think of as "stuffing suggestions" is pretty adorable, too:

But what about hauling capacity? You can stuff a LOT of crap into the Chica. It's roomy enough to stow supplies for a day at the pool, including two ginormous beach towels, plus extra clothes for both of my kids to spend the night at grandma's.

Even when overstuffed, the Chica fits neatly over your shoulder and against the body. Roo demonstrates this below, although I have to admit she usually suckers me into carrying it.

If you're not convinced of the Chica's stylish appeal, consider this: Jessica Alba rocks one. Being a mom herself, I am sure she knows the value of a good summer tote!

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