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Monday, July 09, 2012

Live A Little - Get Moving

I loathe sweating. This is one of the reasons I have always clutched to when I try to weasel my way out of exercise. I hate rivulets of sweat dripping down my face, into my eyes. I hate it leaving damp marks across my bra line and butt crack. I hate feeling red-faced and out of breath.

Okay. That said, I have to admit that the aftermath of sweating is good. Post-shower, glowing skin, pumping heart rate, building muscle, losing weight. So for this week's Live A Little, I encourage you to find your own way to be active: take a walk, do an exercise video, try that yoga class. You might dread it but I swear you will feel better afterwards. And you'll be showing your kids how to live a little more healthfully, too!

I took my gym shoes and a resistance band out of town with me last week so I could work out in my hotel room.

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  1. I am impressed Naomi!! I was going to workout in my hotel room a couple of weeks ago and instead worked. :)

    Let me say, I love to sweat so I will certainly live life ti the fullest in that way.

    Cool shoes BTW. :)

  2. Next time we will have to find each other!!!

  3. Thank goodness for the after because the during....

  4. I've started working out too!! And I've started trying to love sweating.. I am trying to think that sweating is what makes me get rid of the weight and I'm trying to love it. BTW, I love those shoes. Working out is better with cute gear, don't you think..?


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