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Monday, July 16, 2012

Live A Little - Make Someone Blush

I love presents. Who doesn't love getting a big package wrapped up in a bow? 

Are you curious to see what's inside? More slick red and black packaging. Bob said "oh, it's full of makeup." Totally underwhelmed.

Look closer. Think that's a powder compact? Think again:

That's right, the Screaming O's Studio Collection looks like ordinary makeup but each item is really a discreet personal pleasure product. There's "lip gloss" that's really Climax GlossMascara Vibe, Lipstick Vibe, Mirror Compact with Bullet Vibe and an applicator Brush Vibe, plus "eyeshadows" that are really Warming BalmCooling Balm and a convenient Battery Power Compact

This would be an awesome bachelorette gift, an eyebrow-raising present for a makeup-loving girlfriend or something naughty for a pal who travels a lot for work. Or you could stow a piece or two in your purse just in case. I'd never tell.

Some people get embarrassed talking about sex and sexiness. For this week's Live A Little, I'd like to respectfully suggest that everyone grow up and enjoy something bawdy. Tell a dirty joke. Go see Magic Mike. Buy a sexy nightie. Bring some color to your cheeks. It makes life a lot more fun.

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In accordance to the FTC Guidelines and the WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that I received a sample of the products shown above to facilitate this review. All opinions, however, are my own.


  1. You go!

    And by the way, you're amassing quite a collection there. :)

  2. Hey girl, I love this. Do you sell them?? In this day of Grey, you would have to be a total prude if you are married or monogamous to no think this was awesome right?

  3. This is awesome, Naomi. I love the stylish packaging.


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