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Monday, August 27, 2012

Live A Little - Finding Home

I know you've probably heard this song way too many times by now but this week's Live A Little theme is "Home" and it's what popped into my mind immediately. Of course, when I sing it, I change the words to "home is wherever I'm with Roo…"

I'd feel bad about not including Jasper's name but he absolutely hates it when I sing. No joke. My singing voice is really not that horrible, either… That boy is a conundrum. Mystifyingly, one of his favorite refrains is "I wanna go home!" which he repeats with a dire sense of urgency, even when tucked into his own bed. Not sure what that means but he says it an awful lot when he's sleepy.

I've always thought that home is more of a sense than a geographical location. Maybe I think that because I don't have a childhood home to go back to. I grew up in Hawaii and miss the islands but I think Austin, where I went to college, is a close second. And I did love Seattle. Now, home is where my family is. I suspect that as they grow up and find their place I will follow them. I wonder if they'll think of Wichita as home, or our house. They love our neighborhood, our street, their school. They have a very strong sense of home. I hope they hold it close to their hearts.

What do you think makes a home?

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  1. Sounds cliche but home is where your love is. A safe place where no matter what, you know you have a soft place soft place to land.

  2. aww, I love your post ;)
    Home has been where the Navy sends us for the last 14 years, now it's in NY, and we are trying to make it a "home" ;)

  3. Love that song....

    I too am not sure where "home" is, since my parents moved away from my childhood home when I graduated high school. I finally feel settled in our town, or more aptly it's the place I've lived in longest and the one I consider home because of my kids.

  4. Love, love, love. I had never heard this song before, but love it, and this entire post. I think it's living life to the fullest when you are able to make "a home" anywhere, with people you love.

  5. It's a combination of being surrounded with the people I love and the things I love. Not just all things, the sentimental things, the memories, you know?

  6. I'd like to think home is where my family is, but I don't know. I mean, I'd die without them with me, but living in the same city my entire life I think I'd feel lost anywhere else. Though I'm with you... If my kids leave me someday, I will probably have to follow them! :)


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