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Friday, September 28, 2012

Dinner and a Movie with Marvel Avengers and MarketSide Pizza

I didn't get to see Marvel's The Avengers in theaters (grandma and grandpa took the kids without me!) so I was anxious for it to be released on DVD. When I was asked to treat my family to dinner and a movie featuring the Walmart Exclusive Marvel Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD and Graphic Novel combo pack and MarketSide Pizza, I didn't hesitate. Pizza and comic books are kind of a no-brainer for me.

We love comic books in this household. And superheroes. Just between you and me, I've always been more partial to the Marvel universe than that other realm. The Marvel superheroes always have more humanistic flaws that I can relate to. They sort of teeter on the brink between superhero and supervillain. Well, you can see how I'd like that…

Anyway, back to shopping. I decided to go to Walmart while the kids were in school because it's Halloween season and I don't like arguing over candy and costumes. Especially while I'm trying to concentrate on serious business. Like, for example, using the augmented reality Avengers app Super Hero AR to enhance my shopping with Avenger-y goodness– another Walmart exclusive.

Using the app on your mobile device, you can scan special Avengers displays throughout Walmart and unlock a "Which Avenger are You?" quiz as well as interactive animations and sounds. Kind of cool! This big display lets YOU interact with the Avengers. 

Point your mobile device at it, using the Super Hero AR app, and be surrounded by the Avengers!

You'll also want to pick up a MarketSide pizza or two, emblazoned with your favorite Avengers. I tried to use the app on the signage above the pizza display but it wouldn't work for me, sadly. Captain America = Pepperoni, Iron Man = Five Cheese, Hulk = Everything. I got cheesy breadsticks, too. Nom nom.

When I got home, I was impressed with how nice the Walmart exclusive Avengers graphic novel is. It's full-sized and full-color, with glossy, thick pages. I was expecting something smaller and more perfunctory but this is the real deal for Avengers fans. Jasper ran off with it, immediately.

We also used the app to check out the AR features on the DVD packaging and pizza box. So cool- you get a whole little Marvel universe to interact with. This is way more impressive in person, I have to tell you. It looks very 3D and you can see it in 360ยบ! Squint at my screen shot and you can see all the Avengers hanging out on top of skyscrapers, as superheroes are wont to do.

The kids love eating in front of the TV, especially all together. The movie is a bit long for younger kids and Roo said there were too many bad words.

Roo also says that Captain America is cute and that daddy likes Black Widow. I concur.

Jasper was ready for bed before the movie was over but he has added the Avengers graphic novel to his bedtime reading queue.

To see my whole shopping/Marvel Avengers Superhero AR app experience, check out my Google + album.

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  1. Great post! I agree with Roo Captain America is a cute one! lol :) The pizza box thing was so cool.

  2. The way that city scene pops up on the pizza box is just so incredibly cool!

  3. Sounds like The Avengers Combo Pack was a win-win for your family all around! For mine, too :) Thanks so much for sharing your family's Avenger fun!


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