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Friday, February 01, 2013

M·A·C Archie’s Girls Collection

I love M·A·C. Ever since I bought my first tube of Russian Red, I've been hooked. I love their surly makeup divas, their impossibly glamorous products and their kooky collaborations. Their new collection, M·A·C Archie’s Girls, is the cutest thing I've seen in ages. I've been a huge fan of Archie comics since I was little and - as if you couldn't guess - I was always firmly Team Veronica. So much so that I even named my first child Veronica Roo. True story.

Anyway, the whole collection is super adorable. The online-only white patent cosmetic bags and heart accessories remind me of vintage Ponytail gear and the actual makeup packaging is stellar. Love the cotton candy pinks and corals of Betty:

Of course, I'd be much more likely to wear the drop-dead reds and wines of Veronica:

Spend $75 or more on any online order and receive an exclusive M·A·C Archie’s Girls pin, while supplies last, no offer code necessary.

These would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift. For me!


  1. Oh, how cute! Archie comics kept me entertained at my grandparents house throughout my youth. I liked Veronica's look more but thought she was just a rich bitch, so I probably sided more with Betty.

  2. I loved Archie comics too but I was more of a Betty girl.

  3. Okay, that's just TOO fun!! Love that you named Roo after her!!! So, who did you name Jasper after?


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