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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Covetable Kids' Clothes: Trico Field

I'm not sure how I ended up on Trico Field's email list but every time I get a newsletter, I swoon. The super-duper cool kids' boutique stocks trendy Japanese designer fashions from Fith, Denim Dungaree and Go To Hollywood. I love their quirky prints and casual urban chic aesthetic… this is clothing for kiddos who are way hipper than the average adult:

Case in point- branded character clothing. I'm not a big fan of logo wear or kids' clothes that have some kind of corporate tie-in. I generally try to avoid stuff that is emblazoned with popular characters unless the kids really, really, really NEED them. Ahem. (I am so mean!) But check out Trico Field's new Mickey 2013 collection:

Combining iconic Mickey with a vintage look and dainty florals and a subdued color palette is total genius. I kind of wish these were in my size. In fact, I say that about a lot when I'm checking out the Trico Field website, which sadly does not seem to offer online ordering.

If you're in NY or LA, you can check out their US boutiques.

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