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Friday, February 21, 2014

Secret Extensions by Daisy Fuentes

My hair has been woefully thin and scraggly since having kids. Not that I blame my children, who incidentally have lovely, thick heads of soft and shiny hair, but I miss having some volume up there. I don't need '80s big hair but a little extra oomph would be nice every now and then. 

That being said, I am a lazy hairstylist. I might blow dry or flatiron my hair once in a while but for the most part, I'm a wash and go kind of girl. What hope could I have of lush, supermodel-esque locks? Well, apparently a lot. A friend hooked me up with a new product, Secret Extensions, which are endorsed by Daisy Fuentes, who always has a covetably glorious mane of hair.

Secret Extensions are basically microfiber hair extensions attached to a thin, invisible hairband. I was skeptical but I figured I'd give them a try. I received two Secret Extensions, one in black and one in dark brown. They can be worn separately or together for a super full look. I was impressed with how soft they are, very much like human hair. You brush and style them as you would your own hair and they go on as easily as a sweatband does. You simply fluff your own hair up over the band– no backcombing or teasing needed.

The colors blended well with my hair- the black is probably better for winter and the dark brown is a better summer shade for me. Secret Extensions make me feel like a mermaid with cascading waves. And roots that need to be touched up. Ahem.

While I was testing them out, the kids came upstairs and demanded to try them on. Jasper wouldn't let me photograph his heavy metal persona but Roo was pretty into her redneck beard. I like how the curl matches her own wavy hair.

Just for kicks, I thought I'd see how my Secret Extensions looked when paired with my clip-in bangs.

I thought it was a pretty great look but my husband asked why you wouldn't just wear a wig. This proves two things: 1) he has never worn a wig and 2) boys are dumb. Secret Extensions and faux bangs are MUCH more comfortable and controllable than any wig I've tried on. Not itchy and no slipping around.

Secret Extensions won't break the bank at $39.99. Plus you can get free shipping if you shop via this link and use the code "daisy" at checkout.

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  1. I think its a great option for us girls!!

  2. How do you think these would work with very short hair? Or WOULD they work at all?

    1. Debra– If your hair is long enough to cover a headband it could work, although you might risk looking mullet-y. But if you have a shaggy short haircut, it might look cute!

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  4. I agree with the above comments, you really suit both hair styles, and obviously with the wig you can chop and change as the mood takes you ! On the photos is the hair at the front that is braided your own hair ? xxx

    Peruvian Hair

  5. We are a leading online store offering Hair Extensions at rock bottom prices. Whether it is Brazilian weft, clip in hair, Remy hair, Weft Waving hair, Indian Remy hair or Malaysian weft or nail tip hair, we provide 100% human hair. All the pictures placed on our online store are real pictures of the products.

  6. How long does it take you tor receive them?

  7. Hey...umm THANKS!! I've wanted this product ever since I first saw the 2:45am commercial introducing me to Daisy's Extentions but DANG!! I hate getting commercial duped. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cash & am such a skeptic when it comes to things I'm unable to physically try before buy, you dig? Your review of this beauty tool is what did it for me Naomi. You are a REAL WOMAN, you know what I mean, and like me...not a 'Cookie Cut Barbie Doll'. Reading your review, the sincerity came through from you so now, I'm about to order up me some secret ext. *??* HELP!! I'VE QUESTIONS THO *??* Ok, so I don't HAVE to buy 2 right?? Just 1 will look great, right??

  8. It depends on how thick your hair is and how much volume you want. My hair is pretty fine and flat, so two works really well but one would probably be okay.


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