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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Good Cook Kitchen Trio Flash Giveaway!

Remember when I told you about the Good Cook Kitchen Drawer Event a couple of weeks ago? Hopefully you've had a chance to Build Your Kitchen Drawer already by visiting the Good Cook website and choosing the 15 items that you consider essential– or just covetable. If not, there's no time like the present!

Entering is quick and easy. And if you're kitchen-phobic, you can always choose one of the drawers created by the Good Cook's featured Kitchen Expert Bloggers and enter it for a chance to win everything inside!

Three super useful kitchen basics to start with are the Black Nylon Basting SpoonSlotted Spoon, and Square Turner

I have a set of these three items to give away to one lucky reader! This is a flash giveaway and will only last 48 hours! Share your favorite kitchen gadget in the comments below by Monday, June 9, 2014 at 4:00PM, PST for a chance to win this great trio! (US readers only.)


  1. I like the square turner, I am always looking to grab one here and have a hard time finding one most of the time

  2. My favorite kitchen gadget is a garlic press. I love adding fresh garlic to the things I cook without having to manually mince it. The garlic press breaks it up perfectly for a meal. mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  3. My collapsible strainer is my favorite kitchen gadget

  4. My favorite kitchen gadget is tongs, super useful! Lisa L tylerpants(at)

  5. I like the Nonstick Chef's Knife, 5"

    dlatany at gmail dot com


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