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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Battle Sheep

Jasper has only recently been fun to play board games with. Until just a few months ago, he would sulk and change the rules or totally lose interest in the middle of a game. I was happy when we received a new game to try out that he really fell in love with.

Battle Sheep is a straightforward strategy game for four players from the award-winning company Blue Orange Games. Your goal is to take up the most space on the board with your flock of sheep. I was immediately impressed with how sturdy the sheep playing pieces and board segments are. This isn't your standard kiddie game with flimsy punch-out pieces that get lost immediately.

The strategy is deceptively simple. I tried to teach the kids how to think ahead without actively showing them how to block one another in. And then daddy played with us… leading to an epic after-dinner ritual of kids ganging up to see who could pen in dad's herd first. So much for filial piety. Example of board with daddy penned in – note the ginormous stack of black sheep in foreground:

Battle Sheep is a lot of fun for all ages. Probably even for little ones who aren't super concerned with rules… or partying grownups.

Here's a great video showing the gameplay:

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