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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy #Hinting Season

Thanksgiving is imminent, Black Friday is looming and the air is filled not only with the heady scent of pumpkin pies and roasting turkeys, but with all of the latest and greatest technology ready to bring home. It is #HintingSeason, people!

One of the hottest tech trends right now is ultra HD 4K TV. LG’s  new technology, the LG OLED TV, features picture quality including Infinite contrast ratio and stunning color that delivers a greater sense of realism and depth, enhanced color range and accuracy, super thin design and the intuitive webOS™Smart TV interface that lets you find content faster. Yes, it is a television that just might be smarter than you are!

Our old TV is just barely HD by today's standards, so I can't imagine what a noticeable difference it would make to have one of these. Just kidding, I can totally imagine the difference. About like when I switched from a first generation iPhone to the 4S. Like during The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy goes from black and white Kansas to glorious Technicolor Oz. Umm, yes, please! Just look how fancy it makes this turkey look:

What newfangled tech are you wishing for this #HintingSeason? Chances are, they'll have it at Best Buy. Seriously. I just got a lifesaving LG washer/dryer from there and the kids were completely in awe of the fact that I could buy appliances where you get video games. One stop shopping, people. 

I am a member of the Wolf Blogging Network and have been compensated for this post in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card.

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