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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Bombchel Factory: Ethical African Fashion on Kickstarter

Recently, I read a New York Times article about The Bombchel Factory, a new fashion startup dedicated to creating sustainable jobs and an infrastructure for fashion merchandising in Liberia. It sounded like a cool idea, creating steady employment for Liberians who have endured the Ebola crisis and also bringing new focus to Africa's bright and bold printed fabrics.

I love, love, love ethnic textiles but I'm always afraid that I'll look like a) I'm wearing an indigenous costume from my native land,  b) I'm exploiting artisans abroad in a vague attempt to look bohemian, or c) I've given up all hope and have resorted to wearing smock-like muumuus like Mrs. Roper.

When I clicked over to check out The Bombchel Factory,  my fears were dashed. The collection is, indeed, loud and colorful but the shapes and styling are totally modern and workable for a variety of shapes and sizes. I usually hem and haw over supporting projects on Kickstarter but this was a no-brainer:

I signed up for the three skirts tier, which gives you the essential Super mini, as well as a midi and maxi length skirt. I'm thinking I'll go for the Glam midi flare (pockets!!!) and Resort Life maxi with its slits-up-to-there, although others may prefer the more demure Power Pencil wrap midi and Regal maxi.

I just got the notice that they unlocked the $50K stretch bonus to produce the Dirt Off Your Shoulder blouse, which looks as comfortable as a sweatshirt but much, much sexier. I totally upped my pledge.

This top is reputed to look good on everyone from size 0-18. I'm crossing my fingers! One of the coolest things about The Bombchel Factory's launch campaign is that supporters will be given the opportunity to choose their own fabrics and customize sizing. As a short, curvy girl this is pretty exciting. I just wish they were offering the tunic minidresses I see in several of their social posts… they look like an ideal Naomi uniform…

Support The Bombshell Factory on Kickstarter through March 11, 2016. 

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