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Sunday, September 25, 2016

3D Coin Art United States Flag Set | Giveaway

Jasper is obsessed with American history and he also really, really likes money and collecting coins. When I told him we were going to Hawaii last summer, for example, he asked why we couldn't go to see the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. instead. So when I heard about 3D Coin Art ("It’s a puzzle! It’s a bank! It’s a model that you build with spare change!"), I knew it was something he'd want to try out. Use spare change to make an American flag? Total no-brainer for this kid.

The 3D Coin Art United States Flag is made of sturdy plastic and is very easy to assemble.

I knew we would have to supply our own coins for the project but I sort of assumed we'd be able to use what we have on hand and add to it as pocket change dictated. But the poster included showed the coins you actually need to use and shows that you actually need to have them on hand in order to properly assemble the flag:

I was surprised that it did not require any quarters, which are the US currency that we seem to amass the most of. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had rounded up all the spare change in the house and taken it to the bank, so we were woefully short of pennies and dimes. (You may want to consider getting rolled currency to work with before starting one of these kits!) Jasper was a little bummed that I did not have the cash on hand to get this flag underway.

3D Coin Art provides two handy coin counting trays to help you save up the change you need to complete the project:

3D Coin Art United States Flag is a fun way to help younger kids learn about differentiating the value of American coins, and to learn counting by 5s and 10s. The set offers a novel way to introduce different metals, by contrasting new and old pennies by weight, color, and finish. The instruction poster includes tips on getting the shine back on old coins.

Enter to win a 3D Coin Art United States Flag of your own!

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Learn more about 3D Coin Art™ by New York City-based NSI International Inc. – an innovative way to create amazing 3D works of art out of coins.
Look for 3D Coin Art's Empire State Building, too, at stores near you.

Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I have received product samples to facilitate this review but all opinions here are decidedly my own.

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