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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Remembering GG-ma

This is a picture of my paternal grandmother with four of her brothers. Her mother gave birth to twelve children, something I can't really fathom as I struggle to get things done with only two kids of my own. Only nine survived to adulthood and there were only two girls in the whole brood. Grandma's youngest brother was born just a few years before my dad. My great-grandmother, Mama Sue, must have been doing diapers for two decades straight…

My grandma was a pragmatic and direct woman. She would put her hands on her hips and tell you how things were, whether you liked it or not. (Supposedly this personality trait only developed after her "change of life." Prior to menopause, she was the epitome of the perfect fifties housewife– demure and nonconfrontational. I didn't know that woman!) She told me that she never thought I would have children and she was so surprised and thrilled to see that I was enjoying motherhood. She actually repeated that exact phrase over and over to me because her memory was failing during her last few years. It tickled her to see me with Roo. My grandfather recently found a "congratulations on your baby boy" card that he thinks was meant for me but grandma passed away so very early in my pregnancy, before we knew his gender… I wish GG-ma had gotten the chance to meet Jasper.

I think Roo looks a lot like her GG-ma. Same square jaw, strong brows and stubborn but sweet disposition. GG-ma loved to read everything she could get her hands on and always got me the cool coloring books about goddesses and political activists and artists. She would have been so proud of her inquisitive great-granddaughter, who balances my bookishness with her dad's love of the outdoors.

I am happy that Roo remembers her great grandmother and still talks about her: "Remember how GG-ma used to hum all the time? I miss her." Yes, honey. Mommy does, too. And one of the best things about motherhood is getting to see the loved ones you have lost reflected in your children.

This post was written for the Mother's Day Photo Contest at 5 Minutes for Mom.

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  1. Such beautiful selections for this contest!!


  2. What a nice post!
    How wonderful that you have your old family photos.


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