superdumb supervillain: The Birthday Party (but no Nick Cave)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Birthday Party (but no Nick Cave)

Okay, this cake might have made me cry, too. Text by Freddy Krueger, a friend of Bob the Builder (he lives in the boiler room of the old construction site)… eeek!

And how cute is this Bath Time gift basket we got from RedWagon Presents? It matches the big red wagon Jasper got, but it holds a couple of waterproof picture books and a trio of rubber duckies. Adorable. (Click here and scroll down for a superdumb discount!)


  1. Happy Birthday Jasper! That is a cute gift.

  2. I really did "LOL" at the Freddy Kruger comment...Jasp didn't watch that movie for his birthday, did he? :)

  3. That is too cute, and yes the writing was a little on the scary side. Happy 1st Birthday Jasper!

  4. That is such a cute idea for wrapping! I may have to steal that idea for my store :) he he..


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