superdumb supervillain: War Paint

Saturday, December 27, 2008

War Paint

This is what happens when mommy takes a rare nap.

Thank goodness for washable markers!


  1. Ah ha! That'll teach you. Oh but they had so much fun whilst you slumbered. They both look quite impy, you know?

    I assume that little Jasper was spared the pen?

  2. Hee hee - so you have two little & one big kid? Funny.

  3. so cute! it's fun to have an artist in the family!

  4. It's not even random scribbles either. Those designs were well planned and thought out. I love it.

  5. It looks as though they had a blast while you got some most likely much needed rest.

  6. haha. it makes me think of rock painting(which i'm positive bobby did also) all over ourselves at the cabin when i was little!! very cute.


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