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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Family Photo Update

My dad and his lovely (really) wife sent me a new digital camera to replace the one that was stolen at the zoo. It's the same model and everything! I am so thrilled to have a camera again. Thanks, guys!

So here are some new kid pics, finally. First, the ever-growing Jasper in his indie/skate punk outfit:

Then Roo shows us how much she loves Star Wars. The old action figures now peacefully co-exist with Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop toys. Who would have known? Oh, wait, I guess the three new Star Wars movies have gratuitous cutesy characters. And there were Ewoks. Never mind.

Roo had her hair in piggytail braids for the first time. Daddy did it.

Sometimes she looks so grown up, it's scary.

Finally, for the "awww" factor, sibling love at it's finest. Big sister and little brother:

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  1. What a nice surprise. I know you're glad to have your camera back. If our camera is out of battery power I can't plug it into the wall fast enough. I can't imagine how you survived without a camera!! Your kids are cutie-pies!


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