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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hometown Meme

Gudrun tagged me with this meme. I must admit I don't have a great deal of hometown pride for Wichita, but I'll give it a go!

Give 5 adjectives that you would use to describe the “feel” of Wichita and its residents:
Traditional, stoic, midwestern, entrepreneurial, staunchly middle class.

What is your favorite neighborhood of Wichita:

College Hill has the most character, but I love how tucked away Spring Acres is.

Which cuisine do you think Wichita does best? What is the runner-up?

Middle Eastern, which I thought was really odd when I moved here. Every restaurant has a fattoush salad and hummus. There is also a stunning array of southeast Asian dives.

What is the best free thing to do?

Walk the river and nature centers.

What is your favorite type of entertainment?

I like live music but haven't seen much here. My parents are big into the music theater, opera and symphony performances.

List the best family friendly activity:

The Sedgwick County Zoo is phenomenal.

What spot would you send a couple, looking for a romantic weekend?

Get out of town! I've heard the Castle B&B is romantic but I can't vouch for that. I do dig the balcony at the Warren Theater that has loveseats so you can cuddle and table service so you can order dinner and drinks, but they probably wouldn't let you stay for a weekend…

Describe a perfect day…one that captures what your area/city is all about. In 3 sentences or less.

We would go to the Farmer's Market in Old Town and then the kids could play in the fountains. We'd have fish tacos at Sabor. Then we'd go to the zoo and maybe catch a concert there. Then we'd go out for dinner– kids' choice, so it would probably be Freddy's for hamburgers and frozen custard.

Tell us about a place that you love to go, whether it is in the guidebooks or not.

Kanopolis Lake is a short drive away but it is totally different terrain. Prairie dogs, cacti, horse trails, plus a lake and … hills!

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  1. had no idea Wichita was so interesting! I love Middle Eastern food, guess I will have to put this on my list of places to visit :-)


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