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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My 15 minutes…

Dude! I'm on Alltop! Well, along with a zillion other mom blogs, but still pretty cool. (Roo says she's not allowed to say "cool" at her new Montessori preschool, by the way. Hmm.)


  1. Not allowed to say cool, very un cool.

    Woohoo Naomi Alltop I'm there in shopping (of all places)

  2. Woohoo! I think I'm there, but I haven't noticed any hits.

    We are Montessori, too. I haven't heard of any rules like that. Can she say, "That sucks!"

  3. This is the reason why I pulled Hailey out of her Montesorri school. Not because you made it on alltop. Because of the uncoolness.

    And because they had a problem with me saying the f-word. Fascists!

  4. Being forced to stop talking like either of her parents is probably not a bad thing. I swear too much and have become semi-literate since moving to Wichita.

  5. My son went to Montessori and as homeroom mom , I was warned to stop the calling the children "sweetie", instead say "friend".
    He loved the school and so did I! I am grateful he could go there.

  6. Oh I like that bath tub toy holder! but all the items are cute


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