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Monday, August 25, 2008

Art for All! Lil' Comrades, included.

Maoart lets you insert your face, via custom oil painting, into one of almost 2000 vintage Chinese posters from the collection of Maopost. These posters are amazing, ranging from sixties Communist propaganda to eighties, uh Communist propaganda. I love the painterly quality that extoll the virtues of, say, cleanliness, or revolution. I really would love to immortalize Jasper and Roo like this although I have a sick desire to capture myself, too. Wouldn't this make excellent nursery decor for your future worker? I think this one would be nice for an Olympic-themed baby announcement:

I can't decide which one would be best for Roo and Jasper. These two are my top contenders, for now. I think the second one is particularly compelling.

I really like the idea of a portrait of Roo by herself, though. These are awfully nice. Do you like the multiple vignettes or the books?

Wow, this one already looks like me! Evil eyebrows and all. With a gun. Aren't you glad I'm unarmed?

Via the Photojojo newsletter, which always finds the coolest photography-related stuff.


  1. There's something appealing to me about Chinese communist artwork. It's not the naive imagery, but I think it's the color schemes. Watch out though, or you might be blacklisted by bloggers! (kidding, of course). Remember when Cameron Diaz was pooh poohed for that communist bag she carried in Peru

    I personally like the one with the book for you get to choose the title too? And I'm shocked how much the last one resembles you. Just trade the gun sling with a baby sling.

  2. Very cool. I love propaganda. It's my favorite.


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