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Monday, August 25, 2008

Cabbage Patch Redux

Meet Josephine Jean, Roo's new best friend. (This is Roo's "artsy" portrait of her!) She's a limited edition doll, bestowed upon our household to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Can you believe 1983 was that long ago? That's when frenzied shoppers waged war against one another to get one of these squishy soft dolls for their kids. I was more interested in new wave than dolls back then but I still remember all of the crazy news reports and my cousins all had Cabbage Patch Kids. I have been told that this doll even smells like the ones from the eighties!

Roo loves this huggable little girl and is especially entranced by her pigtails and pacifier. She'd already removed her socks and shoes to give her a bath, not ten minutes into unwrapping the package… She's considering a name change, though, so suggestions are welcome. The 25th anniversary dolls come with a silver spoon and special silver-stamped birth certificates in honor of their "silver anniversary" and feature the signature of Xavier Roberts, the creator of Cabbage Patch Kids.

Do you have a favorite Cabbage Patch Kids story? Starting on September 1st, you can post your photos and memories on the special 25th Anniversary website:

Thanks to Team Mom for our new friend!


  1. Oh, the memories! Mine too had an unfortunate moniker: Felicia. I think I changed her name to Lisa or something equally boring. I loved making badly sewn clothes for her and also styling her hair (and at one point cutting some of it). Even as a child I had to have everything custom-made!

  2. My original CPK was (is) named Lucy. Isn't it weird that their hair could only be done one way? Is it still that way? 'Cause there was only hair (yarn) along the parts.

    This makes me want to sniff a CPK.


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