superdumb supervillain: Boon-tiful!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I know we probably don't need another bath toy storage device, since we already have the wondrous Boon Frog Pod. But look what's coming in September:

Yes, it's the Bug Pod. Possibly the cutest ladybug decor item I have ever seen. And since it's the same basic design as the Frog Pod, I can vouch for its usefulness. Boon products are designed to be as functional as they are fanciful and this might be their most adorable item yet. Well, until you see the new color that the whole Boon Feeding range is going to be available in very soon… PINK!!!

I suspect a bunch of tiny princesses will be very, very happy.


  1. the lady bath tub thing is realy cute

  2. Very, very cute. I love it that a whole new generation of bubblebath princesses are on the horizon.
    That little BugPod sure looks fun.

  3. those jerks are trying to make me want to have a girl, aren't they?


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