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Friday, August 08, 2008

In the Beginning…

Roo loves to draw but I've been pretty reticent about letting Jasper loose with anything that makes a mark. He's a total spazz and I live in fear that our entire home will be covered with random scrawls. But the level of excitement that occurred when we got a package of Crayola products to review was so infectious that even grumpy mommy who doesn't want to clean anything more than she has to was caught up in the moment.

The package contained an assortment of items from the new Crayola Beginnings line of toddler-centric creative tools. Jasper was immediately drawn to the adorable Tadoodles markers and the Beginnings Utility Vehicle that acts as a caddy for them. They look a bit like rounder versions of the Weebles of my youth, only filled with ink. The round shape makes it easy for toddlers to grab and hold but I'm not sure Jasper, at one year, can grasp the concept of "don't touch the inky part."

Roo really liked the chubby drawing implements, too, and tried to teach Jasper how to use them properly.

Of course, he was mostly concerned with driving his markers around and then holding them upside down to make them bleed ink from their heads. So that he could form colorful puddles to crawl through.

Happily, the Crayola Beginnings line is all water-washable and non-toxic, so I was able to swab Jasper down pretty easily. I wish it were also designed with the proprietary Color Wonder technology that allows mess-free creativity!

We received Glitter Paint and Brush Pen Color Wonder sets. I am fascinated that the inks and paints are clear and only show up on the special Color Wonder paper. Roo is actually very neat when she draws and colors but she loves how her artwork magically appears on the paper. I like that she can paint glittery princess fairy angels all she wants without getting glitter all over the house.

And to think I was so excited about my box of 64 Crayolas as a kid. I didn't know what I was missing…


  1. That is the sweetest picture of Jasper! Look at that glee! The man is an artist!

    And I see that Roo has more to write about Bob. That rascal!


  2. Those look so fun! What a great idea to put paper on the floor.

  3. The picture of Jasper is so cute and hysterical. His hands are a'flappin everywhere in his excitement.

    Too adorable.

  4. Those sets sound amazing! I love anything by Crayola. And Jasper's onesie looks really cool...what does it say and where did you get it?


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