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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pizza, Please!

Like many 4 year olds, Roo finds it difficult to listen. She tries, for the most part, but there is so much going on in her head that sometimes she doesn't pay attention as well as I'd like her to. It's vexing, but most of the parents of her peers seem to have the same issues. Hasbro has created a new line of games, Noodleboro, to help preschoolers practice their social and interpersonal skills while having fun.

We tried the NOODLEBORO Learning to Listen Pizza Palace Game, which Roo has renamed "Pizza Castle" for some reason. It's sort of a hodge-podge of memory game, simple board game and pretend kitchen play. There are two takeout boxes, each with an empty pizza crust. One player picks three cards representing the toppings they would like on their pizza and tells the players, then turns the cards over. The other player (or two players) sorts through a box of topping discs, trying to replicate the order. If the players were listening and got the order right, they move forward on the game board. It's pretty simple.

The NOODLEBORO Learning to Listen Pizza Palace Game includes a picture book that dramatizes the importance of listening when taking customers' pizza orders and a CD with silly songs, too. Roo enjoyed fixing up the pizzas and trying to get the toppings right. The silly toppings were especially popular: stinky socks, soccer ball, and the triceratops skull. The board part of the game was a bit of an afterthought for us. Roo much preferred the pizza assembly portion of the game.

The other Noodleboro games focus on Sharing and Manners, both of which we could definitely use some practice with…

Enter to win one of 200 Noodleboro games, courtesy of Mom Central!

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  1. Jojo needs a game like this...what he NEEDS is to learn to LISTEN! (If he knows what's good for him).

    Seriously though. I voiced my complaints to the pediatrician and she was like, "Well. He's not autistic." DUH! BUT WHY CAN"T HE LISTEN!


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