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Monday, September 01, 2008

At Fourteen Months…

… Roo was walking and talking but she was tiny, tiny, tiny. Jasper is about the size she was at two years already and he has yet to take more than two or three solo steps or utter a word that anyone outside of our household can understand.

I definitely see a family resemblance coming on, though. Something in those square bald heads!


  1. How cute! I know a lot of boy babies who have outgrown their girl counterparts. My son at 5 months is bigger than my friend's daughter who is 11 months.

    And that turtle sculpture in the first photo is so familiar. It looks like a miniature version of one at the art museum I work at. Would you happen to know if the artist is Eric Berg?

  2. I never really thought about it until now but he IS a big boy. Oh, he just looks gosh darn squeezable!
    I must getting old. I find myself wanting to do the squeezing and pinching thing.
    Is Dad of large stature? You are tiny, aren't you?

  3. Deeds doesn't talk either. I was frightened to realize yesterday that what I mistook for blowing kisses was actually him trying to indicate he wanted to go buy some snacks. Now when he sees someone with money in their hand, he starts doing the "blowing kisses" thing because he wants to walk to the store and buy junk food!
    That rapscallion!

  4. Can we just say that Roo and Jasper are the cutest?!

    Just found your blog, although we couldn't possibly tell you our path here. But it doesn't matter, we'll be back!

    Hope you enjoy a splendid rest of the week!

  5. Love the photos! My daughter walked about 18 months, but my son walked at 9 months. It's was my birthday present. He just up and took off running and hasn't stopped since!


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