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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bella il Fiore

The weather is cooling down and my skin and hair are already ticked off at me. Frizzy, patchy, dry. Not good. Luckily, I received a couple of products to review that are perfect for pampering winter-phobics like me. Bella il Fiore is a line dedicated to spoiling yourself. Featuring pink and black ultra-girly packaging on everything from frilly underpinnings to girls night out makeup and girls night in spa treatments, Bella il Fiore has something to make almost anyone feel pretty.

I received two items from the body collection. The first is Sugar Kisses, a scrub for your lips. I've never used anything like this before but it really does work wonders! My lips get chapped in the wintertime so I imagine I will be using this a lot to smooth things out. The texture is lovely and it has a fantastic mint syrup taste that leaves your lips feeling plump and pouty.

I also tried the Shine On Conditioning Hair Mask. I wasn't thrilled with the fragrance initially because I don't usually like powdery scents. Once I used it, though, I was totally converted. My hair sucked all the goodness out of it and became thick and shiny– no small feat for my flyaway, lackluster strands. I'm still not totally into the powdery scent but the benefits are too good to argue with.

I've heard Bella il Fiore's cosmetics are great, too, especially the lip glosses. Maybe I'll try those next!

***look for a Bella il Fiore bath collection giveaway here at the TEA PARTY in November***

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  1. Oh la la! Tres girly chic mademoiselle!
    Surely I shall attend this oh so swanky Tea Party you speak of.


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