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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Counting Sheep

Jeff Corriveau is a cartoonist who does a comic strip called Deflocked. It's one of seven new strips being considered for The Wichita Eagle, my local daily newspaper. The paper was recently bought out and has been undergoing massive changes. Hopefully, they will emerge as a more useful circular, but I take the revamping of their comics as a good start in the right direction. Seriously, folks… Wichita needs to get out more often. No, wait, that's just me.

Jeff has worked as a comedy writer for years and years ( Jenny McCarthy, Colin Quinn, Sarah Silverman, Jaime Pressley, Joel McHale, Aisha Tyler, Brooke Burke, Star Jones, Kevin Nealon…even the esteemed Larry David has given Deflocked his seal of approval– and that man likes NOTHING) and the bio on his site lists his qualifications thusly: "His daily brushes with unbridled narcissism and clueless pomposity fuel his unique point of view." I am not sure if he's referring to his former clients, his one year old daughter or himself, but I find that totally hilarious.

Anyway, check out these samples of Deflocked and if you like it, please VOTE YES on the Eagle's survey (scroll down). Now! Hurry, because the survey closes on November 1st. I don't think you even have to be a Kansan or register. Tell all your friends! Maybe Deflocked getting into our paper would up our coolness. Or at least our collective acerbic wit. Dude, the sheep is named Mamet


  1. That's pretty funny...I've never heard of Deflocked but I think it's a great comic for contemporary times. I was so sad to see the For Better or for Worse ended. I loved that one, I think it was the ordinariness of it.

    I voted but wasn't sure if it went through because the page just kept spinning or whatever you call it.


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