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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Netto Swag at Bellaziza's Favorites

Bellaziza's Favorite Things has yet another spectacular Super Swag Giveaway going on. The prize is a covetable Netto Collection Organic Cotton and Wool Crib Mattress, plus accessories. The mattress itself is worth $450, and the whole package, which also includes the Organic Wool Mattress Pad and Organic Wool Mattress Protector, as well as the Organic Cotton Crib Sheet, is worth an impressive $700!

Check out Bellaziza's Favorite Things and sign up for an email subscription so you can be in the know about their amazing Swag Giveaways and be entered into special members-only Swag Giveaways like their incredible Phil & Ted's Vibe promotion. I honestly can't decide which prize I would rather receive… the stroller or the crib set. Maybe I'll get super lucky and win both!

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  1. OMG thank you for giving up the info on this great site. If these are the types of prizes they give away on a regular I am certainly going to subscribe.


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