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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kitchen Luxuries

I spend a lot of time on my feet in the kitchen, either at the sink washing dishes or at the stove, stirring endlessly. Our kitchen floor is fifties marble tile, laid directly on the concrete slab foundation. The strain on my body is palpable. Lately, I've been having weird foot pain which my stepfather (a doctor) attributes to Plantar Fasciitis from going barefoot on hard floors all the time. Back pain and arthritis are also said to be spurred on by too much standing on hard surfaces.

GelPro Mats are designed to provide comfort and relief from hard flooring. They feature a shock-absorbing gel core that allows ergonomic redistribution of weight to lessen fatigue. They are cushier than anti-fatigue mats that I've seen in office supply stores and certainly much more aesthetically pleasing. GelPro Mats come in a wide array of colors and textures so you are likely to find one to go with almost any kitchen decor. Even our bizarre, dirty-looking fifties terrazzo marble. We chose the Rattlesnake texture in Macadamia.

Everyone in the family LOVES the GelPro Mat! The kids like to play on it. I caught Roo trying to drag it into her bedroom, even! The cats like to sleep on it. I still don't like to spend hours washing dishes but the GelPro Mat does make it moderately more pleasant. I like it so much that I think we're going to have to get another one so we can have one in front of the sink and one in front of the stove. I kept moving the sample mat back and forth but I think two would be the way to go. If they sold seconds, I would snap them up for Bob to use in the studio but they're a bit pricey to get paint and wood chips all over them.

If your favorite home cook is still not checked off on your gift giving list, GelPro Mats offers gift cards and they can be emailed to recipients directly… and GelPro Mats would be the perfect hostess gift for someone who loves to cook, too.


  1. We had an industrial one of these at the hotel I worked at after I got out of college and it was great. We all fought to stand on it. There was a marble floor underneath and it really did a number on your back after 8 hours.

  2. This is very fantastic! Thank you for the review. :)


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