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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Skin is In

Founded in 1999, SkinCareRx is a website for serious beauty junkies that makes it possible for anyone to assemble a customized skin care routine based on individual skin care concerns and skin types. For those who may be overwhelmed by their vast selection of dermatologist and spa-grade skin care products, SkinCareRx has informed, well-trained estheticians on staff to answer questions and guide you toward products to deliver the optimal results for your skin.

SkinCareRx allows you to search for products by brand, skin type, condition, treatment or category. I tend to have oily skin so that is how I did my initial search. The options were seemingly endless! Who knew there were so many ways to mattify?! I tried the Glycolix Elite Facial Cream, which contains glycolic acid and lipsomal vitamins E, A, C plus Green Tea Extract and Co-Q10. It truly is a wonder cream! It evened out oiliness AND dry patches and kept my skin feeling dewy, even in hideous single-digit winter weather. I am dying to try the Glycolix Elite Eye Serum next!

Another issue I have is irritating tiny bumps on my upper arms, like permanent goose bumps. This condition is known as Keratosis Pilaris and is caused by friction, dryness, and sometimes weak hairs trapped within the follicles. SkinCareRx has a dozen products recommended to alleviate Keratosis Pilaris, so I am anxious to try some of those out one of these days. Before sleeveless weather comes back.

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  1. I have some of the Jane Iredale lip gloss and I love it. It's a bit sticky, but the Melon color is great. And it lasts a long time. I'd probably get another tube.


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