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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sensa: Month 2

I am entrenched in my second month of Sensa, the weight-loss plan I wrote about here. This might sound lame but we don't have a scale so I am not sure how my numbers are. I don't feel like I've dropped a ton but my clothes are fitting better and my mother (not the world's most charitable person about the way I look, historically!) says I look like I've been losing weight. My personal favorite thing about this month is the fact that the sweet tastants look like pink sugar crystals, which feels more indulgent than prohibitive:

And, yes, my diet plan does include chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream. Thank you, Sensa!

If you are interested in trying Sensa, enter code ROCKETXL at this link to get 15% off your order and free shipping.

Competitive types will be thrilled to know that there is a contest to enter: the three entries with the most dramatic weight loss will win a six month supply of Sensa and other Intelligent Beauty products. You need to post before and after pictures during the week of February 2-6 and email your link to enter.

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