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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are You A Smart Shopper?

The Smart Shopper is a handy little gadget that lets you manage your errands and grocery lists simply by speaking into it. It keeps track of your entries and when you are ready to shop, you can use the LED screen to sort items alphabetically by category and then print out a handy list to take with you.

The Smart Shopper mounts magnetically to your fridge or may be wall mounted so it's always close at hand for updates. My husband can never read my handwriting on the grocery list so it's nice to send him to the store with a printed copy!


  1. I have been trying to win one for my DH. He does all the grocery shopping.

  2. I so want one of these dang things. My grocery list is abysmal... it never fails I start out writing so neatly, then as the week goes on {and the list gets longer} my writing is visibly rushed and crammed, almost illegible.

  3. I'm in LOVE with my Smart Shopper! I don't know how I ever managed without it.

  4. I have been envious of these as well!
    Although I don't like spending money, I do strive to be a smart shopper.

  5. I've seen these around the blogosphere and I'm intrigued! Grocery shopping is not one of my favorite weekly tasks and this little gadget looks like it would make the process a little less "painful." I especially love that it organizes the items by "category" for easy navigating in the grocery store!


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