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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Black Tie Optional

I bought a seriously gorgeous garden gnome dress from Harmony Wear a few months back and Roo refuses to wear it because she is totally insane. Or at the very least, rotten to the core. Today I got an email informing me that Harmony Wear is offering teen/adult sizes. Witness the sublime perfection of the matching tuxedo dresses:

Me: If I got that dress for you, would you wear it?
Roo: No, I don't think so.
Me: Why not?
Roo: Well, if you had one and we matched, I would wear it. But if you didn't have one, I wouldn't wear that dress.
Me: Why?
Roo: I don't know.

Should I chance it? It's a little pricey for something that may or may not hang, unworn, in her closet. What would you do?


  1. Tough call. You could always really talk the dress up then get it for her?

    I have all boys, I do not know the ways of little girls.

  2. eeeek. GET IT!!!
    It's gorgeous. And the masks are ta die for. GET IT! I'm goina go look.
    I think you need to TEST it first so we all know if we would like to shop there. We need your valued opinion.

  3. It's an adorable dress but knowing me if she already was showing signs I wouldn't get it. kai's a total brat smetimes I can convince her sometimes I can't. Either way it is a cute dress.

  4. Nah, to me it's not THAT cute, and it'll fit her for like 5 minutes 'cause you know how those pesky kids grow, and she already told you she doesn't like it.

  5. I vote yes! Total cuteness! And then if she refuses you can give it to me and I'll put Kamy in it, Roo will see her at school, and then she'll want to wear it. If she doesn't, no fear. Kamy will love it. ;)

  6. Something kept me from commenting below. The Flip Mino with your husband's art is so cool!

    Happy new year!

  7. One part of me is squealing YES! Get it, it will be so cute.

    The other is tsking the price for something that will be outgrown in just a short while {though you could hold onto it for maybe when she has a daughter} Can you make something similar?

  8. Oh little girls are such a pain in the neck when it comes to clothes. P lets me dress her maybe twice a year, and its taken us 9 years to get this far.

  9. They are very cute, but I'd be afraid that she wouldn't wear it, since she's a bit skeptical already. You should get the masks though! :)

    It seems like you could sew something like that to a plain black dress and get away with it matching.

    Oh, why must Roo be so difficult? :) Crushing mama's ideas. Now if they made a mother/daughter/son ensemble, I might tell you to get it.

  10. But maybe if she didn't like it NOW, she could wear it later, with leggings or something?

    I remember my mom getting mad b/c I never liked to wear this huge red "puffy coat" that she bought me when I was 6. I felt like everyone was making fun of me when I wore it...

  11. Don't you love it when they have the nerve to have their own taste?? Drives me crazy with my teen.


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