superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- Hats, Hugs, Charlie Brown and Fridge Art

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Hats, Hugs, Charlie Brown and Fridge Art


  1. Your family is so adorable. Great photos!

  2. Ha! I love that Charlie Brown shirt. So awesome. Happy W/W!

  3. I like the picture of the men folk. Jasper just fits right in there!

    I'm assuming that little Miss Roo is the artist credited for the refrigerator art? She is quite an artist! I'll bet that daddy is proud of that work! Is that a self portrait?
    Or is it an artist depiction of Where the Wild Things Are? Or is that the same?

  4. What a cute Charlie Brown shirt? Where on earth did you find that?

    Jasper's hair looks so long under that hat, and Miss Roo is adorable in that little owl shirt. What a lucky mama you are to have those cuties under your gaze.

  5. I like the "dudes" photo, personally. Very nice.

  6. What a cute shirt! Charlie Brown did always have a huge noggin in proportion to his stubby body.

    And wow, Roo's drawings are great! That one of a woman looks like 11 year old quality. She is so advanced ;)

  7. OMG too stinmin cute. You have the coolest fridge ever!

    I love Jasper's hat in that first one, he's getting so big!

  8. What great family photos! I would love to find a Lucy shirt for my girls! LOL!


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