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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Smartphones!

I used to stick to the "free" phones from my cellular provider but lo and behold, while I wasn't paying attention, a whole new world of technology has taken over. Phones can not only double as digital cameras and text messaging tools but as personal organizers and even micro-mini computers. I can't believe I was hobbling along with an archaic flip phone, when smartphones could have made my life so much simpler!

Windows Mobile smartphones share the most popular OS around, so your phone can seamlessly integrate with your home PC, transferring your important information automatically and making you an organizational dynamo! (These newfangled phones are a match made in heaven for Cozi, the online organizational hub I reviewed the other day, by the way.)

The newest and perhaps most awesome Windows Mobile-equipped smartphone is the Samsung Omnia. It features a slick touchscreen interface, 5 MP camera, FM-capable music player, and full HTML web browser along with drag and drop widgets and the convenience of Windows Mobile. Slick.

Thanks, as usual, to Mom Central, for showing me the error in my antiquated phone service…


  1. DH felt I needed/deserved or I do not know what an upgrade since I had the free phone (which I was happy with). Now I have a Blackberry and cannot figure half of the things it can do out.


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