superdumb supervillain: Wordless Wednesday- Split Lip Roo/Orang-u Glad/Jasper Speaks!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Split Lip Roo/Orang-u Glad/Jasper Speaks!

These stills are courtesy of the wondrous Flip Mino HD. Which also brings you the following clip... can you tell what Jasper is saying?


  1. How very fun that you have a mino?? I just won a Flip video camera and I cannot wait to try it out.:) Hope y'all enjoyed the Holidays.

    Looks like Roo split her lip? I am so fun! Too cute of Jasper and the Orangutan!

  2. Ok, Jasper is seriously adorable! I love his little voice!

    What happened to Roo? Poor girl!

  3. Orangu-tastic! Did Jasper say, "hit toast"? Very profound for his age.

  4. Oh my goodness. It doesn't matter what comes out of the boy's mouth; he is adorable!! I just love his shy, sweet demeanor. hahahaha.

    Well, he *looks* that way.
    Wait a minute. Did he hit her????

  5. How did she split her lip? (hopefully not from talking too much :))

    And I just love the expressions on Jasper and the Gorilla/orangutan/ape?'s face. So cute!

    It made my evening to hear Jasper's cute little voice...was he saying hit toes? Or hippos? So adorable!

  6. He fed Hippos? IS that right?

    He has such a sweet little man voice!

    All Deacon says is "MuhMuh" (Mama, in a desperate plea), "DohDoh" (Jojo), and "HAH!" (hot).

  7. Your kids are so darn adorable! Did he say something about hippos?

  8. Are you going to tell us what he said? I'm working on a pitch for a travel piece and if I get the gig, I *must* get a Flip for it, right?


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