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Friday, January 30, 2009

Quaker Start With Substance

Quaker Oats has launched an initiative, Start With Substance, to help you help others while enjoying the oatmeal you already know and love. From January 12-February 28, Quaker will donate one bowl of oatmeal to the hungry for every UPC code entered on their Facebook page. With your help, Quaker and their partner Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger, hope to distribute one million bowls of oatmeal to those in need.

All you need to do to become part of the hunger solution is become a fan on the Quaker Facebook page and enter your Quaker Oats UPC codes on the sidebar. You can also print out the Quaker Man and submit photos of your family with him on the Facebook page, which is definitely amusing. (Leave your Quaker Man photo links in comments below so I can check yours out!)

I am participating in a 25 BLOGGERS/25 DAYS contest that is part of the Start With Substance program. If I refer the most readers to join the Start With Substance campaign, become fans on the Quaker Facebook page and post their Quaker Man pictures there in the next 24 hours, I will receive a $5000 donation to a hunger charity of my choice. So, obviously, I would love for you to comment here, comment there, go and comment everywhere! ( If you have a personal favorite hunger charity, feel free to mention it below, too, in case I win! Quaker Oats is also generously donating a case of oatmeal to my charity.) Two readers will be rewarded with coupons good for $1 off two Quaker Oats products which, I might add, are great tummy warmers on cold winter days. And, really, isn't giving its own reward? If you're Facebook all day, anyway (you know who you are!), please go and have a look at Start With Substance and see how you can help so many with so little effort…

For rules and more information, visit Start With Substance.


  1. Hello!
    I'm following you from Beautiful! Fabulous!
    This sounds like a terrific program. I will head over there and help you out. (Helping you means helping others. How cool!!!)

  2. I'll get my guinea boy to face off with Quaker Man this weekend. Quaker Man is such comforting image, isn't it?

  3. Your kids are so darn adorable. I have oodles of charities I like, so I will need to figure out how to get you to win. ;)

    I have tried and tried to like oatmeal, sadly I like it only in cookie or other dessert form.

  4. I am super frustrated...not at Quaker, but since I've changed my blog look, I can't put the link to your blog on my site. It says it's a dead link. Argh! What's the deal?!
    Anyhow, I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Be glad you're not here. We are literally frozen.

  5. Cute kids! My son loves oatmeal now but when he was about 5 he used to hate it. I would put fruit in it but that didn't help.


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