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Thursday, January 29, 2009

You've Got Some Nerve

Looking for a Valentine's Gift with some oomph? Something sexier than a box of chocolates, slightly raunchier than lingerie, more permanent than roses? Might I suggest Nerve: The First Ten Years, a dayglo vinyl-covered volume compiling the best writing and photography from the first ten years of, which has been described as smart smut. has spent the last decade showcasing the best in contemporary writing and photography about sex. I remember buying the magazine for the articles… And the pictures, I'll admit it! Featuring recognizable writers and photographers like Chuck Palahniuk, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Kern, Spalding Gray, and Alice Sebold, the decidedly non-glossy magazine and website raised the stakes in an oft-maligned genre. Arty, erotic and often thought-provoking, the essays, fiction and photos in Nerve: The First Ten Years make for a hefty coffee table book that you might want to hide from the kids for a couple more years…

Enter code "BEMINE" at checkout for 25% off Nerve: The First Ten Years (or any other titles!) plus free shipping at Chronicle Books.


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