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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Glade Fragrance Collection

The Fragrance Collection by Glade is a new collection of home-fragrances including reed diffusers, soy candles and multi-wick soy based candles.

I chose to sample the reed diffusers, since I am hesitant to burn candles these days in deference to the six cats and two kids that run rampant in our household. I find that most traditional home fragrances tend to beat your nostrils with an onslaught of smells but The Fragrance Collection by Glade reed diffusers impart a very subtle fragrance to the air, which is really refreshing. All you do is uncap the bottle of scented oil, plop the little bundle of reeds in and set them somewhere to suck up the oil and diffuse it into the air. Simple enough! I have the Lotus Bamboo Reed Diffuser on the staircase landing where we display our lunchbox collection and it gives off a clean, lightly citrus-y scent. The Currants and Açai Reed Diffuser is on top of our fifties slide projector in the living room. It is a stronger fragrance, very fruity and sweet but not cloying.

The Fragrance Collection by Glade is available in six premium scents; Currants & Açai, Sheer White Cotton, Lotus Bamboo, McIntosh Apple, Earthly Awakening and Orange Vanilla. The last three scents are over over 90% natural.

Fill out this form to print a coupon good for $2 off any item from The Fragrance Collection by Glade.


  1. I had no idea Glade made a soy candle. I am excited and there is a coupon. Thanks!

  2. Yum. Currants and Acai sound exotic.
    I'll have to give them a sniff; thanks!


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